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The Wedding Standard’s New Home

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The Wed­ding Stan­dard has been pub­lish­ing San Luis and Santa Bar­bara wed­ding venues, real wed­dings, wed­ding plan­ning tips, and artist inter­views for the past 10 years. Most recently the brand has been refreshed and the web­site updated with a resource­ful wed­ding ven­dor direc­tory, an inter­view sec­tion and a beau­ti­ful wed­ding gallery of some of the best images fea­tured from the blog. To get Ven­tura County included in on the new Wed­ding Stan­dard please con­tact us! We are pri­mar­ily serv­ing the Cen­tral Coast and open to grow into other regions.

McCormick Home Ranch Wedding by Figlewicz Photography

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Jil­lian and Erik had a truly breath­tak­ing and beau­ti­ful wed­ding. Located in Camar­illo, CA, the McCormick Home Ranch was the per­fect place for these two to tie the knot. The love these two have for one another was shown so evi­dently through­out the cer­e­mony; which made the day mag­i­cal. Their canine friend is a huge part of their lives so they incor­po­rated him into the wed­ding cer­e­mony as well! Casey and Andrea Figlewicz of Figlewicz Pho­tog­ra­phy were there to beau­ti­fully cap­ture all the joy that this cou­ple had for one another. Enjoy!





Girl Meets Boy…

Believe it or not, our anniver­sary is actu­ally the day we met! Erik was at his buddy’s house for wor­ship prac­tice and I came by with my good friend to pick some­thing up that she had left. It was then and there that we first saw each other. We both ended up stay­ing for din­ner and Erik will say that when I shared some of my story with every­one and what the Lord was doing in my life, he was ‘hooked!’ Through awk­ward flirt­ing, ran­dom text mes­sages, and hours of phone con­ver­sa­tion, we embarked on our life jour­ney together and began what we would dis­cover to be a beau­ti­ful love that Jesus had pre­pared for us…









Mem­o­rable Moments…

The cer­e­mony was sim­ply per­fect. The Holy Spirit allowed us to truly feel the joy of His pres­ence in the beau­ti­ful and pow­er­ful act of becom­ing one in mar­riage. From our friends being the live musi­cian, to our pas­tor (Jamey Pap­pas) lead­ing the cer­e­mony, to our dog (Bruin) being our “Ring Bear”, hav­ing every­one there filled the yards with true fel­low­ship and cel­e­bra­tion, and we could not have been hap­pier with how every­thing went.













Wed­ding Plan­ning Inspiration…

We are all about DIY! I (Erik) work in the wood shop at school and Jil­lian will do just about any craft she can get time for. Com­bined, we wanted our wed­ding to be truly home­made and dis­tinctly sum­mer. Color and nat­ural mate­ri­als was all just a part of the plan­ning to make it a fun after­noon for every­one who came.







We spent a lot of time on our table set­tings! Almost every­thing on the table we made our­selves or got from local mate­ri­als (red­wood charg­ers, oak cen­ter pieces, table photo frames, moss table num­bers, nap­kin belly-bands, etc.)



Color Palet…

- Mint + High­lander Green
– Sum­mer Peach







Advice for Other “New­bie Brides”…

Don’t make it all about the wed­ding! It’s one day. Mar­riage is not about where we begin but about where God takes us together.

The only way to show true love to each other is to know true love in Jesus. Not until you have expe­ri­enced the sac­ri­fi­cial, lim­it­less, agape love of Christ will you know how to lay down your life in love and ser­vice to your spouse.

Let the adven­ture begin!


Wed­ding Artists | Pho­tog­ra­phy: Casey & Andrea Figlewicz of Figlewicz Pho­tog­ra­phy | Videog­ra­phy: Matt For­rey of For­rey Films | Venue: McCormick Home Ranch | Caterer: Wood Ranch BBQ | DJ: Cody Sin­gley (friend) | Plan­ner: Lenise Strong (friend) | Dec­o­ra­tor: Devrie Don­ald­son (friend)

McCormick Home Ranch Wedding by Daniel Kim

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McCormick- Jen and Sean-15

Jen and Sean had a clas­sic yet stun­ning wed­ding. Located in beau­ti­ful Camar­illo, the McCormik Ranch was the per­fect place for this cou­ple to tie the knot. With lots of nat­ural beauty and a charm­ing barn, this venue could have not been any bet­ter for these two. They added just the per­fect touch of DIY projects to make their wed­ding their own. Daniel Kim was there to cap­ture every detail of the day in pho­tographs and suc­ceeded. His eye for details dur­ing the spe­cial times with fam­ily made the pho­tos to this wed­ding very spe­cial. Enjoy!




McCormick- Jen and Sean-62





McCormick- Jen and Sean-70


McCormick- Jen and Sean-84

Girl Meets Boy…

Sean and I met at the per­fect time in both our lives. We always joke that had we met when we were 16 we never would have made it to mar­riage. Not in a neg­a­tive way just that God had a plan for us and that included both of us being ready and will­ing to be in a rela­tion­ships where we were hon­est and had open hearts. We grew up less than a mile away from each other, Had mutual friends in high school days even though we didnt attend the same school, Sean even worked at a pizza par­lor next door to where my sis­ter worked through high school. We didn’t get to meet until we were both 28 and Sean had moved back to So Cal after liv­ing up north for 10 years.

I was very skep­ti­cal about dat­ing Sean at first, we had both been out of rela­tion­ships over 5 years long and pro­ceeded with cau­tion. I’m embar­rassed to admit this now but he actu­ally asked me if he could kiss me on one of our first few dates and I said no.…. He was intrigued lol. We had so much in com­mon as far as inter­ests and goals it was scary but our per­son­al­i­ties were the per­fect amount of oppo­site. I fell in love with a cool, calm, and go with the flow guy and he got the over reac­tive, non stop talk­ing, plan­ning girl. We bal­anced each other out very well. So when it came time for Sean to pro­pose it hap­pened exactly in Sean fash­ion. It was a mid week, at home, with our dog involved in the pro­posal. He had the ring a few weeks (in his truck!!) think­ing of an over the top pro­posal only to pop the big ques­tion just as I would want / expect him to. There was no hoopla, no flash­ing cam­era in my face, just me, my boo, our dog and the front porch step that made for a Thurs­day night I’ll never forget.

McCormick- Jen and Sean-91

McCormick- Jen and Sean-53

McCormick- Jen and Sean-55


Color Palet…

The col­ors were a muted (grey) pur­ple, green, and cream. The col­ors seem to flow together well. We had the maids in pur­ple dresses, grooms in grey suits and I never thought I would do this but sea green table cloths that tied in per­fectly with the flow­ers from Knot Just Flow­ers. I didn’t want to overkill on any one color so I tried to keep it all light and gar­deny feeling.

McCormick- Jen and Sean-29

McCormick- Jen and Sean-69


Wed­ding Plan­ning Inspiration…

I feel like I was most inspired by my venue. That was one of the deci­sions I made early on and I feel fit our style as a cou­ple best. We chose McCormick Ranch in Camar­illo for many rea­sons. It had the per­fect amount of farm, vin­tage, roman­tic gar­den feel that we were look­ing for. Add the barn and the beau­ti­ful house as a back­drop and you can’t say no to this venue. We wanted to have a fairly DIY wed­ding and we wanted to keep much of the decor etc to bring home and use in our own house which has a farm/ vin­tage feel to it. This involved many garage sales, scan­ning Craigslist and flea mar­kets. We found old win­dows, crates, milk glass, jars, and lug­gage all that we used at our wed­ding and now enjoy at home.


McCormick- Jen and Sean-77

McCormick- Jen and Sean-82

McCormick- Jen and Sean-81



McCormick- Jen and Sean-86



We were so blessed by the tal­ent and help we received from fam­ily and friends. My dad is a car­pen­ter and I have to say I was pretty excited about him build­ing me a bench my guests all signed. I wanted some­thing where I could often see all the names and well wishes from all our loved ones on our spe­cial day. I knew a book would get shoved aside to col­lect dust only to be looked at some­times. So my dad built this farm style bench that now sits at the foot of my bed and I get to always enjoy not only his hard work but everyone’s well wishes every day.



McCormick- Jen and Sean-83



Advice for Other “New­bie Brides”…

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Most likely you’ll for­get about if cer­tain decor was for­got­ten, or if it driz­zled, or if there was a city wide power out­age and some guests were stuck in ele­va­tors before the cer­e­mony (that hap­pened). But you will always remem­ber how you felt say­ing I do and being on cloud 9. So don’t let the things that aren’t going ” your way” get you down because the most impor­tant thing is that love is going ” your way” and it will con­tinue to go your way on your big day and into the future.



McCormick- Jen and Sean-97

Mem­o­rable Moments…

Most mem­o­rable by far is cliche but walk­ing down the aisle. We hadn’t seen each other all day, and were just both smil­ing ear to ear when we did. As soon as we were at the end of the aisle together we grabbed each oth­ers hands, don’t think we were sup­posed to at that point but oh well.

The sec­ond most mem­o­rable moment was at the recep­tion when we saw how packed the dance floor was. We were watch­ing peo­ple dance at one point that we never thought we’d see out there. Par­ents were jump­ing up and down to LMFAO, oth­ers were doing the worm, and Sean even tried slid­ing across the dance floor on his knees only to rip his pants open. It was so fun to see how much fun every­one was hav­ing. That’s all we wanted in the end.


McCormick- Jen and Sean-99

RADDEST Wed­ding Vendors…

All my ven­dors knocked our socks off but to name a few.…..

The flow­ers from Knot Just Flow­ers were exactly how I wanted them to be. I said spring mix, with spe­cific col­ors and she just made it hap­pen. I gave her such min­i­mal infor­ma­tion but it was EXACTLY what I wanted when I saw the final product.

Daniel Kim pho­tog­ra­phy is well .….….ahh­hh­maz­ing. He cap­tured our day with per­fec­tion. He is the fun­ni­est to work with and made us feel so com­fort­able every time we were in front of his cam­era. Words can’t even describe how thank­ful I am that Daniel was there for us on our spe­cial day.

JJ’s BBQ meat– the bbq food was incred­i­ble and the ser­vice that was pro­vided was so pro­fes­sional. I con­stantly get asked for our cater­ers infor­ma­tion. They were so orga­nized and they grill on site. Noth­ing is trans­ported in chaffing dishes, every­thing is fresh and good quality.

Lastly our Dj was awe­some! He had a packed dance floor all night. He was the best MC and kept every­thing flow­ing all night with no hic­cups. I highly rec­om­mend Dj Jerry Gutier­rez!

McCormick- Jen and Sean-98

Wed­ding Artists | Pho­tog­ra­phy: Daniel Kim | Venue: McCormick Ranch | Caterer: JJ’s BBQ | Florist: Knot Just Flow­ers | Hair: Lisa Reiner (626) 488‑9315 | DJ: DJ Jerry Gutierrez

Dent House Wedding by Kurt Boomer Photography

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Aguilar Wedding-103

Feli­cia and Tim had a breath­tak­ing nat­ural and organic wed­ding. Located at the beau­ti­ful Dent House in Matil­ija Canyon Ranch in Ojai, this cou­ple was blessed with some of the most lovely sur­round­ings Ven­tura County has to offer. Their spe­cial day con­sisted of friends, fam­ily, and some cre­ative DIY details. They kept their wed­ding upbeat and fun with a live band and fam­ily DJ. Kurt Boomer was there to pho­to­graph all the smiles and mem­o­ries of this won­der­ful day. Enjoy!



Aguilar Wedding-7


Aguilar Wedding-3




Girl Meets Boy…

Tim and I were set up through mutual friends and met while Tim was still sta­tioned in Hawaii and I was liv­ing in Los Ange­les. We had a long dis­tance rela­tion­ship for about a year, lots of let­ters, phone calls and fre­quent flights to and from the islands. Dur­ing that time, I con­vinced Tim to get a puppy to help cope with the lone­li­ness of being in a long dis­tance rela­tion­ship. We got our dog Kimokeo together when I came to visit Tim in Hawaii and when we decided to get mar­ried; we knew we had to have Kimo with us.


Aguilar Wedding-20


Aguilar Wedding-27



Aguilar Wedding-9

Wed­ding Plan­ning Inspiration…

Our search for the per­fect venue was dif­fi­cult, espe­cially when we knew we wanted some­place that felt like a get­away but close enough to have all our fam­ily and friends join. We knew we wanted to be sur­rounded by nature and Ojai felt like the per­fect place.  We found gor­geous pic­tures of The Dent House on a blog and decided to see it in per­son. When we vis­ited the prop­erty we saw the poten­tial of an amaz­ing wed­ding and Kimo had a blast run­ning around and enjoy­ing the Ranch.

Aguilar Wedding-69

Aguilar Wedding-109



Aguilar Wedding-105







Aguilar Wedding-76



We didn’t really go with a par­tic­u­lar style or theme; we just tried to keep every­thing as organic as pos­si­ble.  I told our florist what I liked and asked her to use flow­ers you could eas­ily find in the sur­round­ing area. I let the brides­maids pick their own dresses and told them to stick to a neu­tral color palette, which is what we did with the “styling” of our tables as well. We really wanted the food, flow­ers and nat­ural sur­round­ings to stand out so we kept things to a min­i­mum. It’s so easy to get wrapped up into what peo­ple think your wed­ding should be like, you have to take a moment and really decide what YOU want it to be and do your best to stick with it.

There was a ton of work involved since we had to bring every­thing in and coor­di­nate every last detail, but our fam­ily and friends all pitched in which really made it a once in a life­time expe­ri­ence. We loved every moment of our wed­ding week­end, from the secluded envi­ron­ment we shared with our guests, to the love that was poured into mak­ing it all come together. We couldn’t have asked for any­thing better.







RADDEST Wed­ding Vendors…

Dana Strom­men, Chef Adam and all the staff were amaz­ing!! The Food and Pho­tog­ra­phy were the most impor­tant to us and Eco Caters really came through with an excel­lent organic menu, a cus­tom made spicy bbq sauce and even helped me jar all the jam favors from a recipe I had pro­vided.  Every­one loved the food and I couldn’t have had a bet­ter expe­ri­ence, they were extremely accom­mo­dat­ing to our every need and always very invit­ing and excited to help make our day run as smoothly as pos­si­bly.  I wish we could have an event every year just to have an excuse to work with them again.

The Get Down Boys play at our local bar ‘Big­foot West’ every Sun­day night and they’re always so much fun to lis­ten to. When we were look­ing for some live music for our wed­ding we knew exactly who we wanted to ask. We met Eddie at my cousins wed­ding the year ear­lier. We had so much fun we just had to have him as our DJ as well. He is now our offi­cial fam­ily DJ!

Aguilar Wedding-114




Aguilar Wedding-80



Aguilar Wedding-130

Aguilar Wedding-132


Wed­ding Artists | Pho­tog­ra­phy: Kurt Boomer Photo | Venue: The Dent House | Caterer: Eco Caters | Florist: Krista Ward | Music: The Get Down Boys & DJ Eddie Pol­hill | Dress: Angelina Bridal Cou­ture | Makeup/hair: Renne Loiz Makeup | Home Brewed Beer: Vanessa and David Shanks | Rentals: Ven­tura Rentals

Las Posas Country Club Wedding by Figlewicz Photography

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Kaitlin and Ted had a sim­ple yet ele­gant wed­ding. Located in Camar­illo at the Las Posas Coun­try Club, this loca­tion was beau­ti­ful. The large tree’s and long lawns made for an irre­sistible land­scape. The cou­ple mixed navy blue with light pink and white to give off a clean and nat­ural look to their spe­cial day. Casey and Andrea Figlewicz of Figlewicz Pho­tog­ra­phy were there to cap­ture the true beauty of this cou­ple in their can­did moments. Enjoy!







Girl Meets Boy…

My sis­ter is mar­ried to Ted’s cousin! Before we dated we walked together in their wed­ding and became God par­ents to their first born Devan! So nat­u­rally, we were around each other a lot. FOUR years later (Sep­tem­ber 16, 2012) we had the oppor­tu­nity to tour the U.S.S. Iowa that was docked in the San Pedro Har­bor. Ted’s dad vol­un­teers there so we were able to tour after hours. We walked up to the deck and looked over to the Vin­cent Thomas bridge, which was lit up neon blue. We were com­pletely alone at night on this huge bat­tle ship, so of course I asked him to dance! Sadly, he declined. I was so shocked that I turned around and was pre­pared to force him to dance when he pro­posed! Of course I said yes! Lit­tle did I know that he had the ring in his hand the whole time (which is why he didn’t want to dance). I couldn’t have been more shocked, and EVERYONE knew about it (but me).




I have to applaud Ted on the guest favors. It was a “Hot Toddy” mix (ounce of whiskey, honey stick, and tea bag). I orig­i­nally wanted to do just tea, but the whiskey made it WAY more fun, espe­cially because it is a win­ter drink! Also, I wore my grand­moth­ers (Corolyn) pearl neck­lace and a ring with her dia­monds in it. Lastly, Ted wore his grand­fa­thers (also Ted) suit, and his other grand­fa­thers (Harold) wed­ding band. They all have passed away so it was really impor­tant for us to rep­re­sent them.











Color Palet…

I have always been a sim­ple girl. From my per­son­al­ity to the way I dress is casual. Since we only had 4 months to plan a wed­ding, I couldn’t DIY our whole thing. So I decided to keep it clas­sic, sweet and sim­ple. I have always loved navy blue, and it was a Win­ter color so it fit well! Light pink and white are clean and sim­ple accent col­ors, and all together it was exactly what I envi­sioned. I also added stripes into the mix, which gave off that clas­sic and sim­ple style.







Wed­ding Plan­ning Inspiration…

I’m a wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher, so I have seen my fair share of recep­tion rooms! Over­all, I real­ized that some­times less is more! I went with sim­ple guest tables with boxed flow­ers and a bot­tle as the table marker. As far as the wed­ding party, I let the girls pick out any navy blue dress they wanted! I wanted every­one to feel com­fort­able and beautiful.



Mem­o­rable Moments…

I just remem­ber hav­ing every­one I love at the recep­tion and look­ing around! What an awe­some sight, see­ing EVERYONE we care about here for us. It was amazing.


Advice for Other ‘New­bie Brides’…

Don’t go crazy! Stay within your style and accept help if it is offered!


RADDEST Wed­ding Vendors…

FLORALKel­ley Flo­ral: Mau­reen Kel­ley worked day and night to sup­ply cen­ter­pieces for 35 tables (and more). She is afford­able and easy to work with! I highly sug­gest her!

PHOTOGRAPHYFiglewicz Pho­tog­ra­phy: Casey and Andrea are per­son­able, and also awe­some pho­tog­ra­phers! I love their style and professionalism.



Wed­ding Artists | Pho­tog­ra­pher: Figlewicz Pho­tog­ra­phy | Venue: Las Posas Coun­try Club, Camar­illo | Flo­ral: Kel­ley Flo­ral | Dress: Camar­illo Bridal | Hair: Jack­lyn Oram | Makeup: Bliss Makeup Artistry

Anna Delores Photography “Artist Interview”

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Anna Delores Photography

How did you get started in your profession?

I’ve always loved pho­tog­ra­phy; my first cam­era was a pur­ple plas­tic Kodak with 110 film. I got more seri­ous about pho­tog­ra­phy as a pos­si­ble pro­fes­sion after col­lege, and explored fine art pho­tog­ra­phy for a cou­ple of years before decid­ing to try my hand at wed­dings. I had a “crash course” in the world of wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy from Mark and Can­dice Brooke and even assisted them with a few wed­dings as a sec­ond shooter. I imme­di­ately fell in love with the expe­ri­ence of being a wed­ding pro­fes­sional, and to merge that with my pas­sion for pho­tog­ra­phy was a pretty log­i­cal career move for me. And here I am!

Do you con­sider what you do as an art form? 

To an extent, yes. It’s easy to find some­one who knows how to use a cam­era, technically-speaking. If you’re look­ing for some­one who knows how to use a cam­era, that’s not the same as find­ing a wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher whose vision for mem­o­ries of your wed­ding day align with your own.

For a pho­tog­ra­pher to have a cre­ative eye that speaks to the bride and groom as a cou­ple is, to me, what find­ing a wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher is all about. Yes, that pho­tog­ra­pher should also be pro­fi­cient in tech­ni­cal knowl­edge of his/her equip­ment! But that’s only half the bat­tle. There are var­i­ous styles of pho­tog­ra­phy. No two pho­tog­ra­phers will walk away from any given scene or moment with the exact same image. Pho­tog­ra­phy can be an expres­sion of the way the per­son wield­ing the cam­era sees the world, and every pho­tog­ra­pher is peer­ing through that viewfinder with a unique per­spec­tive and cre­ative vision unlike any­one else’s.

If I can cre­ate an emo­tional con­nec­tion with some­one through an image, I feel con­fi­dent that I’ve done my job well.

Anna Delores Photography

Anna Delores Photography 3

Who or what con­tin­ues to inspires you?

This is going to sound very cliché and cheesy, but the beauty of every­day life inspires me. The way late-afternoon sun­shine cre­ates a glow around a person’s sil­hou­ette can def­i­nitely inspire me. Sun flare in my lens makes me happy. The fact that cou­ples select me to doc­u­ment the most impor­tant day of their lives is incred­i­bly hum­bling, and that REALLY inspires me to improve my skills, both tech­ni­cal and cre­ative, to pro­duce imagery that will help cou­ples enjoy the mem­o­ries of their wed­ding day for the rest of their lives. It’s a big respon­si­bil­ity and when some­one chooses Anna Delores Pho­tog­ra­phy for their wed­ding, I’m truly hon­ored. It moti­vates me to learn more about them as a cou­ple and as indi­vid­u­als, to inves­ti­gate the details of their venue, and to uncover the unique details about their wed­ding that makes the cel­e­bra­tion extra-special. Wed­dings them­selves are an inspiration!

What makes your busi­ness unique?

I think every pho­tog­ra­phy busi­ness is unique for the rea­sons I men­tioned in describ­ing pho­tog­ra­phy as an art form: “No two pho­tog­ra­phers will walk away from any given scene or moment with the exact same image. Pho­tog­ra­phy can be an expres­sion of the way the per­son wield­ing the cam­era sees the world, and every pho­tog­ra­pher is peer­ing through that viewfinder with a unique per­spec­tive and cre­ative vision unlike any­one else’s.”

I love to look at old pho­tographs and won­der about the peo­ple in them, what their lives were like, what hap­pened to them on the day the photo was taken, what they were think­ing. As a wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher, I get to cre­ate images that tell those sto­ries. My goal is for the col­lec­tion of can­did, roman­tic, documentary-style pho­tographs that Anna Delores Pho­tog­ra­phy ulti­mately presents to a cou­ple to be wor­thy of fam­ily heirloom.

Also, Anna Delores Pho­tog­ra­phy is unique because I sin­cerely adore wed­dings. I usu­ally cry dur­ing the couple’s first dance. Luck­ily, my cam­era is in front of my face to hide the fact that I’m tear­ing up! Wed­dings are jam-packed with emo­tion, romance, intri­cate details, fam­ily dynam­ics, tra­di­tions, crazy danc­ing, deli­cious food… all these com­po­nents come together in a way that requires a wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher to be flex­i­ble, ener­getic, respon­sive, and alert, and this is a chal­lenge I gen­uinely rel­ish at each and every wed­ding I shoot. I love get­ting to know the cou­ples I work with and I’m so hon­ored to spend this incred­i­bly impor­tant day with them.

Anna Delores Photography

Anna Delores Photography

How would you describe your ideal couple?

I think every photographer’s ideal cou­ple are those to whom pho­tog­ra­phy is a high pri­or­ity in their wed­ding day bud­get and plan­ning! I think a bride and groom who care about pho­tog­ra­phy in gen­eral are more likely to get excited about their wed­ding day images.

More specif­i­cally, my ideal cou­ple are get­ting mar­ried in a unique loca­tion, and have put a lot of thought into the details of the decor and per­sonal touches of their wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion. My ideal cou­ple will have an out­door cer­e­mony with lovely nat­ural light, and are hope­fully okay with me mov­ing around a lot at the cer­e­mony to get as many great shots as possible!

I also LOVE it when cou­ples order albums — albums are so, so fun to put together, and I think see­ing the images printed on pages and hav­ing some­thing tan­gi­ble to look at is a spe­cial expe­ri­ence; an album can evoke mem­o­ries of the wed­ding day that are some­how not as pro­foundly com­mu­ni­cated through dig­i­tal imagery.

Anna Delores Photography

Anna Delores Photography

What’s your per­sonal busi­ness philosophy?

To do the right thing, and to always do my best.

Favorite part of a wedding?

I LOVE when a bride and groom decide to do a “first look,” which is when they see each other before the cer­e­mony. I find it’s a more inti­mate expe­ri­ence than see­ing each other for the first time at the cer­e­mony itself, in front of all their guests! That way, they can cry and hug and talk about the excite­ment of the day (and prob­a­bly calm their nerves a bit!) before walk­ing down the aisle and going right into the for­mal ceremony.

I also have a major sweet tooth, so I’m always excited when they cut the cake. 🙂

Anna Delores Photography

Why do you… do what you do?

It’s pretty sim­ple, and I guess a pretty bland answer as a result: I LOVE pho­tog­ra­phy. I LOVE wed­dings. I know we tend to toss around the word “love” some­times in rela­tion to activ­i­ties and inter­ests, but really, I am very pas­sion­ate about cre­at­ing pho­tographs, doc­u­ment­ing impor­tant moments, and using my cam­era to make mem­o­ries last. And wed­dings are just so pretty and so roman­tic! I am def­i­nitely a hope­less roman­tic, and wed­dings are the ulti­mate cel­e­bra­tion of love, com­mit­ment, tra­di­tion, and the joy of being together. I’m also a very visual per­son, and all the lovely details of someone’s wed­ding day always delight me! Seriously!

What ques­tion do you always ask the Bride & Groom?

I ask them how they want to remem­ber their wed­ding day. I take what­ever answer they give me and I, in turn, work really, really hard to cap­ture the spirit of their wed­ding via imagery. I also want to talk to the bride and groom about the can­did, spon­ta­neous nature of their wed­ding day — I don’t like to force a lot of stiff, unnat­ural pos­ing so I stay away from it as much as pos­si­ble, but still give the cou­ple some direc­tion, if needed, to make their pho­tos some­thing spe­cial. If that’s the kind of pho­tog­ra­pher they’re look­ing for, then I’m excited to work with them.


Anna Delores Photography

Off The Wall, FUN… Questions

First music album you ever bought?

No Doubt, “Tragic King­dom.” My first con­cert was also to see No Doubt.

Favorite movie or documentary?

Love Actu­ally” is an all-time favorite — it just makes me feel GOOD! I can’t help but smile through­out the entire movie.

Song that makes you want to dance like nobody’s watching?

I’m really more of a “sing like nobody’s lis­ten­ing” kind of girl. I’ll belt out Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone” like nobody’s business.

How do you nor­mally begin your day?

With lots of cof­fee! I’m a big cof­fee drinker. I either head to Star­bucks or hit up my Keurig before even step­ping foot into my office.

What do you enjoy doing on your day off?

What day off? I really do work at least a lit­tle bit every day of the week! BUT if I’m allow­ing myself some extra down­time, I love to nap. I sleep more than any­one else I know. My bed is just my favorite place to be! Instant relax­ation, espe­cially when my dogs are there to cud­dle with me.

Do you col­lect anything?

Mag­nets. I buy refrig­er­a­tor mag­nets from every city I visit.

Anna Delores Photography

Tell us about your first job?

When I was six­teen, I got a job at The Lim­ited Too (I don’t even know if they still exist!); it’s a retail store that sells girls’ cloth­ing (it was orig­i­nally meant to be a “mini-me” ver­sion of The Lim­ited). I worked there for about six months; the store was at our local shop­ping mall when I was in high school. I remem­ber I could buy some of the cloth­ing there at the time (girls’ sizes 14–16) and I really wish I could still do that, haha!

What would you say is your great­est accomplishment?

Pass­ing my col­lege sta­tis­tics course. Really! Also, any and every wed­ding I pho­to­graph. I feel extremely ful­filled when I deliver that final col­lec­tion of images to a bride and groom, and they call or e-mail me to tell me how much they love their pho­tos. The best feel­ing ever!

How do you sign off on emails?

Best wishes, Emily

If you moved to a for­eign coun­try, which one & why?

I’ve always loved the city of Paris, but I don’t speak French, so it would prob­a­bly be more prac­ti­cal for me to go to Eng­land or Canada. I think I’d really love Aus­tralia, too!

If you were an ani­mal, what would you be?

Prob­a­bly a dog. Hope­fully a very spoiled, well-loved, inside-the-house dog! A good friend of mine has two box­ers, and the rest of my friends and I would always joke that if we had to come back as an ani­mal in another life, we’d want to be “one of Jake’s dogs” because he treated them so well! Organic food, daily trips to the dog beach, comfy beds, a big back­yard, and lots of love and attention.

If you were in a band, what instru­ment would you play?

I used to be in a band! Well, full dis­clo­sure: it was march­ing band. I was a per­cus­sion­ist; I played the keys (marimba, xylo­phone), snare drum, and the tenor drums at dif­fer­ent points through­out high school. I also play the piano and a teensy bit of gui­tar. If I were to be in a rock band, I’d want to play drum set, hands down.

Anna Delores Photography 11

Ok, tell us your Nickname(s)?

Emmy, Emmy-Lou, Emma, Em-Lee, Emilia

Tell us one thing few peo­ple know about you?

I hate wash­ing my hair. Actu­ally, the wash­ing isn’t the part I hate — it’s the styling after­wards. I am SO lazy about my hair! Lucky for me, it’s nat­u­rally wavy, so if I don’t feel like blow-drying or straight­en­ing it, I can work in a lit­tle bit of mousse and I’m good to go. I LOVE to get a hair cut because it means some­one else is wash­ing and styling my hair for me.

Wed­ding trend that your lov­ing right now?

Mis­matched brides­maids dresses. If it’s done right, it’s an incred­i­ble look, and your brides­maids REALLY WILL wear their dresses again!

Wed­ding trend that will hope­fully be out next year?

Mason jars. I love mason jars, but I think they’ve run their course in the wed­ding world.

Read the book or watch the movie?

I WANT to say “read the book,” because the book is always bet­ter than the movie! But the truth is that I’m more likely to watch the movie.

Stranded on a desert island… list three things you’d bring with you?

My cam­era, my dogs, and my jour­nal (if I bring a pen too, does that count as four things?)

Anna Delores Photography 12

Tell us your favorite song or band (new or old)… right now?

I really love The Lum­i­neers’ “Ho Hey”; I know it’s been out for awhile now and peo­ple are get­ting sick of it, but I still turn up the radio when it comes on.

Favorite quote?

Life isn’t about find­ing your­self. Life is about cre­at­ing your­self.” –George Bernard Shaw

What chore do you absolutely HATE doing?

Any type of yard work!

What sound do you love?

My dogs’ foot­steps on the hard­wood floor. The sound of the dish­washer run­ning while I’m falling asleep (I think it’s a child­hood com­fort thing). Wind­chimes in the backyard.

If and when it hap­pens… what do you want peo­ple to remem­ber you bye?

I hope peo­ple remem­ber me for being com­pas­sion­ate and help­ful. Some­times cou­ples I work with tell me that I made the process of engage­ment and wed­ding pho­tos an easy, pain­less one, and I guess if I can be remem­bered for hav­ing a per­son­al­ity and man­ner­isms that put other peo­ple at ease, that would be a good thing.

Anna Delores Photography

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher. Or a vet­eri­nary assis­tant — I love dogs. Or a writer.

What would you title the auto­bi­og­ra­phy of your life?

It Isn’t Courage if You’re Not Scared.”

What was the last Movie, TV show or Book that made you cry?

I am going to sound so lame, but I cried over a Grey’s Anatomy episode a few weeks ago. The char­ac­ters rename the (fic­tional) hos­pi­tal on the show after two char­ac­ters that died dur­ing the pre­vi­ous sea­son, and that totally made me cry.

What’s the hard­est thing you’ve ever had to do?

End­ing a roman­tic rela­tion­ship is always a pretty hard deci­sion! I’ve had to do that a cou­ple of times in my life, and it’s always a really dif­fi­cult experience.

Anna Delores Photography

What do you miss most about being a kid?

Not hav­ing to watch what I eat, or worry about exer­cis­ing. And not hav­ing to worry about money!

What’s in the top 5 of your bucket list?

1. Visit every coun­try in the world at least once.

2. Go sky-diving.

3. Plan my own wedding.

4. Write and pub­lish a novel.

5. Own a BMW.

Tell us some­thing you learned last week?

How to load medium-format film!

At What age did you really become an adult?


Where do you see your­self (or busi­ness) in the near future?

Hon­estly, if I can keep going in the same direc­tion I’m headed now, I’ll be a happy camper! I’m about to move into a stu­dio space with a few other wed­ding ven­dors, so I’m excited to fill our space with fur­ni­ture and lots of love. I’m really happy with the num­ber of wed­dings I’m pho­tograph­ing this year, so I hope to keep it up!

Anna Delores Photography


Savour This Moment “Artist Interview”

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1 …all images by Kap­pen Photography

How did you get started in doing wed­ding catering?

Mar­lene: I come from a fam­ily of edu­ca­tors so I think for me the obvi­ous choice was to become a chef and start a cater­ing com­pany. Truth be told, I couldn’t have ever imag­ined that this is what I would end up doing, but here I am and I have never been hap­pier. It started with a dream of pur­su­ing a job in food not know­ing where to begin. After a great deal of research I came to the con­clu­sion that I needed to go to culi­nary school. While in culi­nary school I slowly began to nar­row down what I ulti­mately wanted to do with my diploma and arrived at want­ing to start a cater­ing com­pany. It just so hap­pened that around that very time my brother had just grad­u­ated col­lege so I asked him if he would be inter­ested in enter­ing into the busi­ness with me and he said yes. Over the next cou­ple of months we worked on our busi­ness plan, brain­stormed on what our niche would be to set us apart from all the other cater­ers out there. Which is when we found inspi­ra­tion in our roots, our grand­mother and the farm, and deter­mined that farm to table would be the best fit for us. And that is how we became Savour This Moment.

Michael: The plan to begin our cater­ing busi­ness hap­pened quite unex­pect­edly. Depend­ing on whom we are speak­ing to, we deliver the nar­ra­tive that Mar­lene began culi­nary school, and halfway through her edu­ca­tion she approached Michael about the idea of run­ning a busi­ness together, specif­i­cally a cater­ing busi­ness. Now Michael was study­ing his­tory at CSUN, and in his last semes­ter, so as soon as he com­pleted school, the for­mal process of orga­niz­ing the busi­ness was under­way, and the rest is his­tory. We love to throw in the anec­dote of how our par­ents are edu­ca­tors, so for their kids to have entered one of the riski­est fields there exists, is quite a depar­ture, and this is usu­ally met by smiles or laughter.

2 3

Do you con­sider what you do as an art form?

Mar­lene: I do con­sider being a chef to be an art form. Maybe not for all peo­ple, but for me it is. My food is a direct reflec­tion of me. It is easy enough to put roasted chicken, mashed pota­toes and steamed car­rots on a plate. How­ever, that is not what a chef does. As a chef you cre­ate a menu that tak­ing seem­ingly diverse ingre­di­ents, tex­tures and sea­son­ings and com­bine them together to cre­ate one har­mo­nious menu that tan­ta­lizes the taste buds with a pre­sen­ta­tion to hyp­no­tize the senses and that is in my opin­ion art.

Michael: Absolutely. Now cater­ing as a busi­ness does not need to inco­proate aes­thet­ics, as is evi­denced by how some com­pa­nies choose to present them­selves, which is accept­able if their clients find it accept­able. We deliver a qual­ity prod­uct, and the pre­sen­ta­tion has to match the fla­vor, plain and sim­ple. You don’t serve a grilled cheese on fine China, nor should you do the oppo­site and serve pre­cisely and pro­fes­sion­ally. pre­pared food on paper plates with accom­pa­ny­ing plas­tic cups.

4 5 6 7

Who or what con­tin­ues to inspires you?

Mar­lene: My work inspires me. Every day I wake feel­ing excited to learn and grow as a com­pany and as a chef.

Michael: My biggest inspi­ra­tions are Henry Ford and Walt Dis­ney. Both of these men built tremen­dously suc­cess­ful com­pa­nies after hav­ing failed so many times prior. They pos­sessed the all too impor­tant qual­ity of per­sis­tence, and one must have it to accom­plish any­thing in life, in any field. To know of what they did, and how much they strug­gled to achieve their accom­plish­ments, pro­vides encour­age­ment to me that it is not at all impos­si­ble to build some­thing from noth­ing, espe­cially with the cor­rect frame of mind which Mar­lene and Michael possess.


What makes your busi­ness unique?

Mar­lene: I think a cou­ple things set us apart for other com­pa­nies. Peo­ple love our food and style but what really sets us apart is our qual­ity ser­vice, the fact that we are brother and sis­ter and that we work with local, sea­sonal pro­duce. Clients think it’s really cool that we are a brother and sis­ter duo that are so pas­sion­ate about farm to table food and they appre­ci­ate how hands on we are as a com­pany to cater to their indi­vid­ual needs.

Michael: We are a farm-to-table cater­ing com­pany that deliv­ers hand­crafted menus, while delight­ing in the activ­ity of fus­ing culi­nary tra­di­tions from around the globe, together. Yes there exist a hand­ful of com­pa­nies that are farm-to-table (though the major­ity are still heav­ily main­stream), and some com­pa­nies have a com­po­nent of divert­ing from their set menus to cus­tomize menus for their clients, and the fusion of dif­fer­ent culi­nary tra­di­tions exists as is evi­denced by com­pa­nies like Kogi Food Truck, but to find the com­bi­na­tion of all three ele­ments is extremely rare, if not non-existent from what we have seen, and it is this that we wish to bring to client. A prod­uct and a ser­vice that has the incor­po­ra­tion of local pro­duce, that go into menus that have a per­sonal touch, which results with some­thing that is famil­iar enough for com­fort­a­bil­ity, yet dif­fer­ent enough to cap­ture their atten­tion and leave their palates want­ing more.

9 10

How would you describe your ideal couple?

Mar­lene: Our ideal cou­ple is one that is happy, look­ing for­ward to get­ting mar­ried and is as enthused about work­ing with us as we are with them.

Michael: Ide­ally we want a cou­ple that is engaged, not just to each other, but to the process of decid­ing a menu for their wed­ding. What we mean by this is that we want the cou­ple to be active in decid­ing with us what will be the menu for their spe­cial day. They don’t have to know exactly what they want, but we do want them to give us clues so that we can put together a menu as unfor­get­table as any­thing else on their wed­ding day. This also means ide­ally they open to ideas and happy to see us explore the pos­si­bil­i­ties for menu items and how these items will be served. The ideal cou­ple is gal­va­nized by the energy we bring to what we do, and essen­tially join with us as a team to final­ize some­thing uniquely special.

12 11

What’s your per­sonal busi­ness philosophy?

Michael: Our per­sonal busi­ness phi­los­o­phy is that as it is impor­tant to have a set of val­ues and prac­tices that anchor the core of the busi­ness, you have to con­stantly be evolv­ing and adher­ent to trends that emerge because tra­di­tion alone will leave you in the dust. Not just that, but new ideas are often impor­tant because they poten­tially build upon old ones that had defects. It is the main­tainence of a happy medium between tra­di­tion and the emer­gence inno­va­tions that drive suc­cess in our opinion.

Mar­lene: Deli­cious Farm Fresh Food, Qual­ity Ser­vice and Happy Clients.

13 14

Favorite part of a wedding?

Mar­lene: My favorite part of the wed­ding is the silence that falls over the room when peo­ple are eat­ing and the danc­ing, of course!

Michael: The end. Just kid­ding. My favorite part of the wed­ding is the moment I arrive at the wed­ding. Things are absolutely chaotic as var­i­ous ven­dors con­cerned with get­ting their pro­gram in order, and the feel­ing of being part of this team of almost play­ers on a stage is absolutely elec­tri­fy­ing. I love the feel­ing of being part of this enor­mous under­tak­ing that so many peo­ple will derive a lot of sat­is­fac­tion from; it feels good.


Why do you… do what you do?

Mar­lene: I love to cook and it is a great form of cre­ative expres­sion, but the real rea­son I do what I do is because of the free­dom. I was tired of work­ing for other peo­ple and work­ing so dili­gently to help them achieve their dreams. In this busi­ness I am the archi­tect. I planted the seeds, watered them reg­u­larly and now they are begin­ning to sprout. It’s a very excit­ing process. We started this busi­ness from scratch. Every ele­ment is a com­po­nent that we our­selves imple­mented through hard work and ded­i­ca­tion. It is a lot of work but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Michael: I do what I do for the free­dom. There are many other joys I derive from what I do, but being self-employed, you own boss, means that you can decide much of your own fate, as long as you don’t step out­side the bound­aries of the law. A close sec­ond is the joy we bring to the cou­ples whom we serve. The pos­i­tive affect both ele­ments of this busi­ness bring to me rein­force every­day why I do. As stated before, there are sev­eral other rea­sons why I do this, but the two main rea­sons stated above drive me.


What ques­tion do you always ask the Bride & Groom?

Mar­lene: How did you meet? Tell me your story.

Michael: Why do you…do what do you do? No, we ask them of course how they met. It is cliché, but we are sto­ry­tellers, as you can tell from our lengthy responses. We con­nect with peo­ple on emo­tional level by detail­ing things from the point of ori­gin. So to, we like to hear a good story, and it is always beau­ti­ful to hear just how the cou­ple met, fell in love, and made the deci­sion that they were meant to be together for eternity.

Off The Wall, FUN… Questions


First music album you ever bought?

Mar­lene: Brit­tney Spears, Baby One More Time.

Michael: Amer­i­cana by The Offspring.

Favorite movie or documentary?

Mar­lene: Movie… My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Michael: Favorite movie has to be Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy. It is an clas­sic lawyer movie that closely par­al­lels the Scopes Mon­key Trial of the 1920’s; great dialogue!

Song that makes you want to dance like nobody’s watching?

Mar­lene: Push It — Salt and Pepper

Michael: Well if head bang­ing counts, “Am I Evil” by Dia­mond Head.


How do you nor­mally begin your day?

Mar­lene: Write emails, twit­ter, face­book and drink my morn­ing chai latte.

Michael: Drink­ing cof­fee like most nor­mal peo­ple is one of, if not the first activ­ity I engage in, usually.

What do you enjoy doing on your day off?

Mar­lene: Spend­ing time with friends and fam­ily indulging in laugh­ter, food and great conversation.

Michael: Work­ing.

Do you col­lect anything?

Mar­lene: I col­lect the Edi­ble mag­a­zines from dif­fer­ent cities around the country.

Michael: Not yet, but being an avid his­to­rian, and with relics being very costly at times, I plan to amass a museum of arti­facts some day, I am just lim­ited from being able to do so at the moment, but blue­prints are being drafted as we speak.


Tell us about your first job?

Mar­lene: I was 16 and I got a job as a host­ess at a restau­rant called Islands. It was my first taste of work­ing in the restau­rant industry.

Michael: Like most peo­ple I began by work­ing at a restau­rant. I had some of my best expe­ri­ences as this job. I also learned a lot about money, bud­get­ing, and inter­per­sonal relationships.

What would you say is your great­est accomplishment?

Mar­lene: My great­est accom­plish­ment has been start­ing this busi­ness with my brother Michael.

Michael: Eas­ily hav­ing started a busi­ness is far supe­rior to any­thing I have ever done or attempted.

How do you sign off on emails?

Mar­lene: Best

Michael: Best/Cheers/Warm Regards and then my name. It depends who I am speak­ing to, and kind of per­son­al­ity I per­ceive them to have.


If you moved to a for­eign coun­try, which one & why?

Mar­lene: I would move to Italy. When I was in col­lege, I had the oppor­tu­nity to study abroad in Flo­rence and it was one of the most incred­i­ble expe­ri­ences I have ever had. I absolutely fell in love with the city and I promised myself that one day I would have a small apart­ment there.

Michael: Ire­land. I’ve met Irish peo­ple on my trav­els and we seem to have a lot in com­mon, but I am gen­er­al­iz­ing. Regard­less they speak Eng­lish, so on a prac­ti­cal level this makes the choice that much easier.

If you were an ani­mal, what would you be?

Mar­lene: If I were any ani­mal I would be a chameleon. I have mul­ti­ple facets to my per­son­al­ity as most peo­ple do, but I find that I am able to be thrown into most sit­u­a­tions and imme­di­ately adapt to my surroundings.

Michael: A ferret

If you were in a band, what instru­ment would you play?

Mar­lene: If I were in a band I would want to be the singer. Vocals are an instru­ment, right? I am a ter­ri­ble singer but I love to do it. Karaoke is one of my favorite pas­times. Oth­er­wise, I think I would be a drummer.

Michael: Bass.


Ok, tell us your Nickname(s)?

Mar­lene: I have a lot of nick­names but the most com­mon derive from my first name mar­lene, includ­ing: mar, mara, mar­mar, mars­bars, and marzipan.

Michael: Hulk, it’s a long story; not really but it is pretty silly.

Tell us one thing few peo­ple know about you?

Mar­lene: I am a first degree black belt.

Michael: I am a very good writer.

Wed­ding trend that your lov­ing right now?

Mar­lene: I like that we are see­ing a move towards a fusion between rus­tic and glam­our. Key­word: Great Gatsby. I think we will see a lot more of this in the upcom­ing year…hopefully!

Michael: The move­ment toward rus­tic styled wed­dings of course (very self-serving)

Wed­ding trend that will hope­fully be out next year?

Mar­lene: I have no idea how to answer this question

Michael: Per­haps wed­dings with themes tied into them.

Read the book or watch the movie?

Mar­lene: Read the Book

Michael: Read the book always. I am not super imag­i­na­tive, but I am extremely detail ori­ented and thrive off of it.


Stranded on a desert island… list three things you’d bring with you?

Mar­lene: My knife (I can live off of baby coconuts…I love them) 2. A good book 3. My ipod

Michael: Read­ing mate­r­ial, my portable butane burner since I was never in the Boy Scouts, and my all-in-one knife, scis­sors, etc tool.

Tell us your favorite song or band (new or old)… right now?

Mar­lene: Favorite artist right now Ingrid Michael­son. Favorite Band No Doubt.

Michael: Led Zep­pelin forever

Favorite quote?

Mar­lene: “Your time is lim­ited, so don’t waste it liv­ing some­one else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is liv­ing with the results of other people’s think­ing. Don’t let the noise of other’s opin­ions drown out your own inner voice. And most impor­tant, have the courage to fol­low your heart and intu­ition. They some­how already know what you truly want to become. Every­thing else is sec­ondary.” –Steve Jobs

Michael: Any­thing by Walt Dis­ney or Henry Ford, two of my biggest idols.

What chore do you absolutely HATE doing?

Mar­lene: Dishes…but regard­less of how lit­tle I seem to enjoy them, I seem to be always doing them. I guess I choose the wrong industry.

Michael: Clean­ing the bath­room of course.

What sound do you love?

Mar­lene: I love the sound of laugh­ter. It instantly puts a smile on my face.

Michael: The idling of a 1970 Chev­elle or like vehi­cle, with as big a gas guz­zling engine as it can handle.

If and when it hap­pens… what do you want peo­ple to remem­ber you bye?

Mar­lene: I would want my friends and fam­ily to remem­ber me the lov­ing car­ing per­son that they know and I would want the rest of the world to rec­og­nize me for my work with food and in the community.

Michael: My abil­ity to write and the man­ner in which I do it.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Mar­lene: I am com­pletely ful­filled doing exactly what I am doing right now. How­ever, if this doesn’t pan out I would ven­ture to say a superhero.

Michael: I can’t grow up any more, save emo­tion­ally I guess.

What would you title the auto­bi­og­ra­phy of your life?

Mar­lene: Pas­sion and Determination

Michael: “Mak­ing it Happen”

What was the last Movie, TV show or Book that made you cry?

Mar­lene: Grey’s Anatomy

Michael: Gran Torino

What’s the hard­est thing you’ve ever had to do?

Mar­lene: This is it!

Michael: Choose between being stranded in a ran­dom place in a for­eign coun­try, or risk hitch hik­ing, I chose to hitch hike.

Whats the great­est gife you’ve ever given or received?

Mar­lene: A book signed by a chef from a dear friend.

Michael: Life of course, sorry it is cliché, but it is true.

What do you miss most about being a kid?

Mar­lene: Free­dom

Michael: Not car­ing so much about out­comes and being more con­cerned with just enjoy­ing the lit­eral present. That is no longer pos­si­ble, but I don’t mind it.


What’s in the top 5 of your bucket list?

Mar­lene: 1. Either start a non-profit or be a major donor to a spe­cial orga­ni­za­tion near and dear to my heart 2. Be able to thank my fam­ily prop­erly for all the love and sup­port they have shown us 3. Pay back my col­lege and culi­nary loans 4. Travel all around the world 5. Own a vineyard/restaurant

Michael: 1. Visit every continent/at least 10 coun­tries on each one. 2. Learn to play an instru­ment, and really, very well. 3. Become pub­lished on a national or global scale. 4. Patent some­thing ( I am already in the works of doing the pre­lim­i­nary stuff for this). 5. Learn at least 2 more lan­guages (that’d make me trilingual).

Tell us some­thing you learned last week?

Mar­lene: I learned the dif­fer­ence between field and for­est mush­rooms at the farm­ers market.

Michael: You have a lot of power to influ­ence things in close prox­im­ity to you, but there are a lot of exter­nal you can­not con­trol and shouldn’t waste your time attempt­ing to/spend your money wisely.

At What age did you really become an adult?

Mar­lene: 19

Michael: 22

Where do you see your­self (or busi­ness) in the near future?

Mar­lene: I see myself con­tin­u­ing to grow and cul­ti­vate my busi­ness by con­tin­u­ing to pur­sue new rela­tion­ships and oppor­tu­ni­ties. Hope­fully, you will also be able to find us at the Farmer’s Mar­ket sell­ing some of our spe­cialty sauces.

Michael: Ridicu­lously Successful

Any­thing else you want to say that we didn’t ask?

Mar­lene: I feel truly blessed to do what I love to do each and every day.

Michael: It is fun to divulge about myself because it gives me a chance to not just think about how I view myself, but how I wish to present myself before oth­ers, and it is just inter­est­ing to think about I suppose.


Circus Wedding by Cameron Ingalls

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From the Bride… We love all things vin­tage and vin­tage inspired. One of our favorite things to do is go to any type of cir­cus, bur­lesque, and or freak show. So nat­u­rally we decided if we were going to throw a party we were going to share with every­one our vision of the per­fect party and of course the theme would be 1940s cir­cus! …all images by Cameron Ingalls Photography

circus-wedding-4 circus-wedding-5 circus-wedding-6

Boy Meets Girl… It all started a long long time ago in a land far far away. Ok, so maybe not far far away but a long time ago wayyyyyy back in the sum­mer of 2004! A young brace face boy named Josh Gates spot­ted a girl in a mini skirt named Stacey Baker. As the boy was shy… the two were intro­duced by one of Stacey’s best friends. Stacey was out to have a boy free sum­mer of fun with the girls. But Josh was per­sis­tent enough to finally have Stacey as his girl­friend in Feb­ru­ary of 2005!

Years later, and not untill March of 2011 did the girl who once wore mini skirts… agree to move in with the boy who now has beau­ti­fully straight teeth! So, early on Wednes­day morn­ing the 4th of May, 2011 Stacey woke up next to Josh. He says.. “lets go to the court house and get mar­ried today!” and as this con­ver­sa­tion usu­ally goes… she smiles and says.. “you know my mom would lit­er­ally KILL… not only me but you also!” this was not the 1st time he had asked her to marry him… her nor­mal response was always..“ask me when your seri­ous…” con­ver­sa­tion con­tin­ued, there was a pause as they were look­ing into each oth­ers eyes. Josh asks again.. “Stacey will you marry me?” some­thing was very dif­fer­ent this time, she could not give him her usual response. Her eyes started to tear as Josh took her hand, got out of bed and onto one knee. He asked one more time “Stacey, I love you. Will you marry me?” Barely able to speak.. She smiles the biggest smile shes ever had…and says “YES!!!“
circus-wedding-7 circus-wedding-8

Details… We were most excited about our tent!!! It was def­i­nitely what brought the entire theme to life! circus-wedding-9

circus-wedding-10 circus-wedding-11 circus-wedding-12 circus-wedding-13 circus-wedding-14 circus-wedding-15 circus-wedding-16 circus-wedding-17 circus-wedding-18 circus-wedding-19 circus-wedding-20 circus-wedding-21

Rad Wed­ding Ven­dors… we were beyond excited to work with Sar­alee Franchi of XOXO­brides. She is amaz­ingly tal­ented and truly makes your dreams of the most fab­u­lous wed­ding day come true!

Wini from LA cir­cus who pro­vided our dream tent along with the amaz­ing cir­cus props we never even dreamed of untill we met the LA cir­cus team! They went above and beyond to pro­vide us with excel­lent ser­vice and great hospitality.

The entire team of hair­styl­ist from Moxie Hair and Design Stu­dio were absolutely amaz­ing they are absolutely fab­u­lous at what they do! circus-wedding-22 circus-wedding-23 circus-wedding-24 circus-wedding-25 circus-wedding-26 circus-wedding-27 circus-wedding-28 circus-wedding-29 circus-wedding-30 circus-wedding-31 circus-wedding-32 circus-wedding-33 circus-wedding-34 circus-wedding-35 circus-wedding-36

Advice for “New­bie Brides”… Our best advice to “New­bie Brides” would be to do exactly what you want for your wed­ding. We wanted to look back in 50 years and know we had the wed­ding of our dreams and did it exactly how we wanted it. On the day of remem­ber to breathe and take it in as much as you can because it goes way to fast! Dont let the things you can not change ruin your day… YOUR wed­ding day is only going to be as amaz­ing as you let it be. At the end of the day you have the per­son you love, your best­friend beside you and as long as you two have a smile on your face the guests will enjoy them­selves. circus-wedding-37

pho­tog­ra­phy: Cameron Ingalls // venue: Bunny Hill Farm, Fill­more CA // event designer: Sar­alee Franchi of XOXO Bride // flo­ral design: An Ele­gant Affaire // wed­ding dress: Allure // hair­pieces: made by the bride // brides­maid dresses: Alfred Sung // hair + makeup: Moxie Hair and Design Stu­dio // cin­e­matog­ra­phy: Nanea Miy­ata // Enter­tain­ment: Nathaniel + Daniel Cheli // cake: Jessie Dau­ria // music: STZ Enter­tain­ment // tent rental: LA Cir­cus // rentals: Party Pleasers // light­ing: Ideal Light­ing and Sound // photo booth: In the Pix