McCormick Home Ranch Wedding by Daniel Kim

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Jen and Sean had a clas­sic yet stun­ning wed­ding. Located in beau­ti­ful Camar­illo, the McCormik Ranch was the per­fect place for this cou­ple to tie the knot. With lots of nat­ural beauty and a charm­ing barn, this venue could have not been any bet­ter for these two. They added just the per­fect touch of DIY projects to make their wed­ding their own. Daniel Kim was there to cap­ture every detail of the day in pho­tographs and suc­ceeded. His eye for details dur­ing the spe­cial times with fam­ily made the pho­tos to this wed­ding very spe­cial. Enjoy!




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Girl Meets Boy…

Sean and I met at the per­fect time in both our lives. We always joke that had we met when we were 16 we never would have made it to mar­riage. Not in a neg­a­tive way just that God had a plan for us and that included both of us being ready and will­ing to be in a rela­tion­ships where we were hon­est and had open hearts. We grew up less than a mile away from each other, Had mutual friends in high school days even though we didnt attend the same school, Sean even worked at a pizza par­lor next door to where my sis­ter worked through high school. We didn’t get to meet until we were both 28 and Sean had moved back to So Cal after liv­ing up north for 10 years.

I was very skep­ti­cal about dat­ing Sean at first, we had both been out of rela­tion­ships over 5 years long and pro­ceeded with cau­tion. I’m embar­rassed to admit this now but he actu­ally asked me if he could kiss me on one of our first few dates and I said no.…. He was intrigued lol. We had so much in com­mon as far as inter­ests and goals it was scary but our per­son­al­i­ties were the per­fect amount of oppo­site. I fell in love with a cool, calm, and go with the flow guy and he got the over reac­tive, non stop talk­ing, plan­ning girl. We bal­anced each other out very well. So when it came time for Sean to pro­pose it hap­pened exactly in Sean fash­ion. It was a mid week, at home, with our dog involved in the pro­posal. He had the ring a few weeks (in his truck!!) think­ing of an over the top pro­posal only to pop the big ques­tion just as I would want / expect him to. There was no hoopla, no flash­ing cam­era in my face, just me, my boo, our dog and the front porch step that made for a Thurs­day night I’ll never forget.

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Color Palet…

The col­ors were a muted (grey) pur­ple, green, and cream. The col­ors seem to flow together well. We had the maids in pur­ple dresses, grooms in grey suits and I never thought I would do this but sea green table cloths that tied in per­fectly with the flow­ers from Knot Just Flow­ers. I didn’t want to overkill on any one color so I tried to keep it all light and gar­deny feeling.

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Wed­ding Plan­ning Inspiration…

I feel like I was most inspired by my venue. That was one of the deci­sions I made early on and I feel fit our style as a cou­ple best. We chose McCormick Ranch in Camar­illo for many rea­sons. It had the per­fect amount of farm, vin­tage, roman­tic gar­den feel that we were look­ing for. Add the barn and the beau­ti­ful house as a back­drop and you can’t say no to this venue. We wanted to have a fairly DIY wed­ding and we wanted to keep much of the decor etc to bring home and use in our own house which has a farm/ vin­tage feel to it. This involved many garage sales, scan­ning Craigslist and flea mar­kets. We found old win­dows, crates, milk glass, jars, and lug­gage all that we used at our wed­ding and now enjoy at home.


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We were so blessed by the tal­ent and help we received from fam­ily and friends. My dad is a car­pen­ter and I have to say I was pretty excited about him build­ing me a bench my guests all signed. I wanted some­thing where I could often see all the names and well wishes from all our loved ones on our spe­cial day. I knew a book would get shoved aside to col­lect dust only to be looked at some­times. So my dad built this farm style bench that now sits at the foot of my bed and I get to always enjoy not only his hard work but everyone’s well wishes every day.



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Advice for Other “New­bie Brides”…

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Most likely you’ll for­get about if cer­tain decor was for­got­ten, or if it driz­zled, or if there was a city wide power out­age and some guests were stuck in ele­va­tors before the cer­e­mony (that hap­pened). But you will always remem­ber how you felt say­ing I do and being on cloud 9. So don’t let the things that aren’t going ” your way” get you down because the most impor­tant thing is that love is going ” your way” and it will con­tinue to go your way on your big day and into the future.



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Mem­o­rable Moments…

Most mem­o­rable by far is cliche but walk­ing down the aisle. We hadn’t seen each other all day, and were just both smil­ing ear to ear when we did. As soon as we were at the end of the aisle together we grabbed each oth­ers hands, don’t think we were sup­posed to at that point but oh well.

The sec­ond most mem­o­rable moment was at the recep­tion when we saw how packed the dance floor was. We were watch­ing peo­ple dance at one point that we never thought we’d see out there. Par­ents were jump­ing up and down to LMFAO, oth­ers were doing the worm, and Sean even tried slid­ing across the dance floor on his knees only to rip his pants open. It was so fun to see how much fun every­one was hav­ing. That’s all we wanted in the end.


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RADDEST Wed­ding Vendors…

All my ven­dors knocked our socks off but to name a few.…..

The flow­ers from Knot Just Flow­ers were exactly how I wanted them to be. I said spring mix, with spe­cific col­ors and she just made it hap­pen. I gave her such min­i­mal infor­ma­tion but it was EXACTLY what I wanted when I saw the final product.

Daniel Kim pho­tog­ra­phy is well .….….ahh­hh­maz­ing. He cap­tured our day with per­fec­tion. He is the fun­ni­est to work with and made us feel so com­fort­able every time we were in front of his cam­era. Words can’t even describe how thank­ful I am that Daniel was there for us on our spe­cial day.

JJ’s BBQ meat– the bbq food was incred­i­ble and the ser­vice that was pro­vided was so pro­fes­sional. I con­stantly get asked for our cater­ers infor­ma­tion. They were so orga­nized and they grill on site. Noth­ing is trans­ported in chaffing dishes, every­thing is fresh and good quality.

Lastly our Dj was awe­some! He had a packed dance floor all night. He was the best MC and kept every­thing flow­ing all night with no hic­cups. I highly rec­om­mend Dj Jerry Gutier­rez!

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Wed­ding Artists | Pho­tog­ra­phy: Daniel Kim | Venue: McCormick Ranch | Caterer: JJ’s BBQ | Florist: Knot Just Flow­ers | Hair: Lisa Reiner (626) 488‑9315 | DJ: DJ Jerry Gutierrez

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